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Becca’ itself comes from the name Rebecca C. Eldemire who was an American student from the University of Miami who led the group of other students to Tanzania in 2013 and they worked as volunteer teachers at Ngyeku Primary school in Maji ya chai village Arusha Tanzania.
During her stay in Tanzania Rebecca became a friend with Elisante William who was her guide who and he took her and other students for walking and other ‘out of work activities’ like safari which they did in Manyara and Serengeti national parks and also together with they visited Zanzibar Islands.
Sad enough, in the beginning of the year 2014 Rebecca lost her life with 21 years. These were the very sad news for the family, friends and other students. Following the death of Rebecca, her family wrote to Elisante concerning the death and what the family wanted to do to keep Rebecca’s dream of environment protection, and sustainable planet alive. That was to start a project called BEEPS Foundation(Betterment for Environment and Earth Protection) which is working in America and was started in February 2, 2015. So from there, Elisante and his long time friend Mike sat together and thought of what they could also do here in Africa, to honor Rebecca, and there came the birth of Becca adventure which is a safari company dealing with National parks safaris, cultural tourism,Eco-tourism and social welfare.
Becca adventure, in respect of Rebecca’s love to wildlife, nature, environment and climate, will be spending 35% of the earnings from tourism activities to renovate the water sources in the villages, establishing new water sources and supply, planting trees program in schools and colleges as well as supporting the needy families and orphans.
What we do and how?
With Becca adventure you will have the wonderful National parks safaris, nature walking, cultural tourism in masai bomas, hadzabe tribes and many more. Guests will also be participating in social activities through cultural tourism, and the activities includes, cooking traditional foods, slaughtering, agriculture, hunting e.tc.
The car will be picking the guests from the airport to the lodge or to the camping place for those who would prefer camping in the tents, and from the lodge or campsite the guests will be directly taken to the safari of their choices.